Justin Bieber Parties on Yacht with His Whitey Tighties Underwear

justin bieber shirtless underwearSo much for  Selena Gomez.

On Thursday, Justin Bieber was spotted chilling in his whitey tighties, drinking some beer, and partying with various women in bikinis.

Regardless of the 20 year old’s recent DUI arrest for Drag racing in Miami, Bieber had no problem living it up this forth of July weekend,in the same city to say the least.

The underage singer has some nerve flaunting his refreshments, allowing numerous workers to stash his party yacht with beer, wine, a couple of chasers.

Both Gomez and Bieber reportedly have been on again,  causing the break up of bf’s Gomez and Demi Lovato according to numerous sources.

Maybe Selena Gomez will finally get the hint that Bieber isn’t ready for a serious relationship any time soon.

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