Demi Lovato Unfollows Selena Gomez on Twitter Because of Justin Bieber — SEE PHOTOS

selena gomez demi lovato feud justin bieber

selena gomez demi lovato feud justin bieber

Say it isn’t so!

The two bffs that met on the set of the beloved dinosaur, Barney, are allegedly fighting according to reports. Yesterday, Demi Lovato unfollowed Selena Gomez on Twitter, having fans wondering what went wrong. If that was not enough, Lovato tweeted some very nasty tweets that have since been deleted.

While it is not positive that the tweets were directed towards the former “Wizards of Waverly Place” star, the tweeted meme speaks for itself.

The meme reveals a photo of Demi Lovato swimming (away from Selena, we presume) and is captioned with the following feisty remark, “Swimming away from your bullsh*t, bye b**ch.”

The recent fallout between the two former Disney stars has been linked to the on and off again relationship between Gomez and Bieber. Sources state that the reoccurring relationship between the young stars has caused strife between Gomez and her friends, including country-turned pop singer, Taylor Swift.

While still friends, “Taylor has set some boundaries which include no talking about Justin,” reported an insider. “Taylor really cares about Selena but she doesn’t want to be an enabler when it comes to Justin.”

There’s no telling if Lovato’s recent Twitter drama is related to her annoyance of Gomez’s turbulent relationship with the baby-faced singer, however one can only guess that it is.

Maybe, just maybe Lovato’s recent Twitter fiasco will give Gomez the much-needed push to finally dump Bieber for good.

demi lovato selena gomez diss shark feud

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