“Chris Colfer Fired From Glee!” UPDATE: His Twitter Account Was Hacked!

“Chris Colfer Fired From Glee!” UPDATE: His Twitter Account Was Hacked!


chris colfer glee firedChris Colfer has officially been fired from Glee, it has been confirmed.

The actor took to his official Twitter account to let his fans know that he won’t be returning to the set for anymore episode, hinting that he probably won’t feature in the final season either which seems quite surprising seeing that he was very much a fan favorite of the show.

Chris, who won a Golden Globe for his character on the program, posted the following message on the social media site: “Due to personal issues, I have been let go from the cast of GLEE. Explanations will come shortly.”

It’s unclear what these “personal issues” were but it’s a given fact that a lot of these characters on Glee have turned into real brats. Naya Rivera, who plays Santana, was reportedly fired from the show two months ago for arguing with executive producers on why Lea Michele gets special treatment and she doesn’t.

Naya was also said to have been causing a lot of problems between other actors during shoots and was therefore fired from the job.

But then again we can’t judge Chris Colfer’s situation because we don’t actually know what the actual reasons for his departure are. Usually when someone says “personal issues,” I would assume it’s got to do something with family matters — maybe someone is severely sick and Chris wants to be there for that person.

Ugh, there’s no doubt guessing — once we find out, we’ll definitely update you on this story, and if we find out that Chris was also being a brat on Glee and therefore got the axe, we’re definitely going to roast him in the follow-up article to this story.


UPDATE: It has now been stated that Chris’ Twitter account was hacked and that he has not been fired nor has he quit.



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