Robin Thicke’s #AskThicke Q&A Makes Him a Laughingstock on Twitter

robin thicke paula patton

robin thicke paula patton

“Poor” Thicke, not only is he having trouble winning back his estranged wife Paula Patton, but he is having a hell of a lot of trouble winning over the hearts of Twitter followers.

During a promotional stunt to endorse Robin Thicke’s new album, “Paula”, VH1 organized a Q&A with the fellow “Blurred Lines” singer, requesting that fans submit their questions on Twitter using the hashtag #AskThicke and boy did they ask for it.

Critics quickly hijacked the hashtag and took it for a spin, attacking Thicke’s treatment of women and his misogynist attitude, to overall poking fun of the singer.

One tweet stated, “Besides rapey thoughts and general misogyny, what inspires you?”.

While another tweeted, “Now that you’ve made it commercially viable to be a creepingly insidious, misogynistic sexual predator; What’s next for you?”.

One Twitter user pondered on the irony of the Q&A stunt, asking “Don’t you think this is an ironic hashtag considering you’re not one for asking?”.

Other Twitter followers jumped on the bandwagon, questioning and poking fun of Thicke’s attempt to get his wife back.

“What does that level of desperation feel like when u have to resort to naming ur new album after the woman who wants 2 divorce u?” one person tweeted.

“Which did you ignore more, your wife’s wishes or these tweets?” stated another.

While the hashtag #AskThicke didn’t draw in any genuine questions from fans as Thicke may have hoped for, it did however push him under the spot light once more. Thicke responded to the Twitter backlash stating, “I’m a big boy. I can handle it.”

Here’s hoping that Paula asks some questions of her own.

Written by Merema Leures

Hi, my name is Merema. If learning about pop culture was a degree I could've studied when I decided to take on a three-year course at college, I would've probably had the highest grades in my class. But instead, I settled for a BA in Film and a Master's in Filmmaking.

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