Kristen Stewart Sues Joan Rivers Over Sex Jokes — ‘K-Stew Sleeps with...

Kristen Stewart Sues Joan Rivers Over Sex Jokes — ‘K-Stew Sleeps with Directors for Roles’


kristen stewart robert pattinsonKristen Stewart is suing Joan Rivers because she can’t take a joke.

The overly sensitive actress is reportedly fuming over comments Joan made in her new book ‘Diary of a Mad Diva’ where the legendary comedian mocks Kristen’s acting abilities.

The ‘Fashion Police’ writes in her book that Kristen’s career depends on getting on her back and sleeping with movie directors because there’s no way that her terrible acting could book her any job unless she was sleeping with the people who were in charge of the films which were being produced.

Haha — Joan Rivers is too much.

Joan who has stated that the book she’s written is purely based on comedy, tells TMZ that she’s received a letter from Kristen’s lawyers who’ve supposedly filed a lawsuit.

“I’m now being sued by Kristen Stewart. She obviously didn’t read our disclaimer, which is it’s a comedy book.”

“I can’t wait to get her to court, because I want to get a puppet, and I want her to show me on the puppet where she thinks I claim she touched her director. Her lawyer contacted my lawyer, which shows the sense of humor she has… zero.”

Kristen Stewart really needs to go grow up. Anybody who knows Joan knows that whatever she says shouldn’t be taken seriously. Rivers makes fun of the Kardashians all the time, and you don’t see them filing silly lawsuits like that?

For a private person that Kristen is, she’s definitely overdoing things by suing a comedian. “I’m a comedian. I’ve been doing it for 50 years. If people don’t get it… don’t come and see me,” Joan continued. “It’s OK. Don’t read the book.”

If you’re going to cheat, be prepared for the consequences.

Wasn’t she trynna hook up with Nicholas Hoult at one point?

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