Selena Gomez: Police Crash House Party Over Loud Music, Justin Bieber in...

Selena Gomez: Police Crash House Party Over Loud Music, Justin Bieber in Attendance?


selena gomez drunkThe police were definitely not on Selena Gomez‘s guests list at her house rager. Noise complaints were received by neighbors and deputies arrived to her home around midnight.

Guests complied with the police and the music was turned down. The singer received a warning and let her kickback continue.

She took her night to Instagram by posting a photo of some guests in her house and captioning the photo, “Tacos, live music and candles 🙂 such a beautiful night with beautiful people.”

I wonder if the neighbors desired to gain attention or if Gomez was really having a relaxing and peaceful night based on her picture.  Not to mention if there is noise then Justin Bieber must have been a guest since he’s notorious with the police.

Gomez and Bieber may have rekindled their relationship since they were spotted together at a birthday for their mutual friend Alfredo Flores. The couple were seen showing PDA, but nothing outrageous. They spent the whole night in each other’s company and were spotted leaving together.

If the couple is back together then maybe Bieber will straighten himself out after all the trouble and negative attention he has received. Though Gomez may be healthy for Bieber, Bieber could be bad for Gomez.

See photo below!

selena gomez party


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