Beyonce Refusing Second Pregnancy to Jay-Z: Reportedly Still Planning Divorce

beyonce jay-z fight cheating

Beyonce is “refusing to have another baby” by Jay-Z following the cheating affairs that have emerged in recent weeks.

The Beyonce-Jay drama just keeps on getting funnier as new sources now come forward claiming the singer is tired of sucking up to her rapper husband — she’s standing her ground and setting the rules in their house.

According to Life&Style, ‘Yonce never spoke up about anything in her marriage to Jay. She always allowed Jay to stay in control of the marriage — whatever he said is what goes and no different.

Sources for the magazine continue that in light of the alleged cheating scandals that the media reported in the last month, Beyonce has had the courage to finally stand up for herself.

One insider says that the whole elevator incident that happened at the Met Gala after party between Solange and Jay just showed how dysfunctional this family is — Beyonce never stopped her sister from attacking because Bey knew Solange was in the right.

Mind you that it was believed Jay was flirting with his alleged former lover Rachel Roy, who would later go on to marry Dame Dash — Jay’s best friend.

beyonce jay-z fight cheating affair

While the 32-year-old had told pals in the past that she was really looking forward to having another baby with Jay so that Blue Ivy could have a sibling close to her age, those plans have gone down the drain as Bey lays down the rules, telling Jay no sex and no babies.

The atmosphere in the couple’s relationship has been distant and Beyonce is trying to piece the puzzle together — she’s devastated with the thought of leaving Jay but continues to seek advice from her mother Tina for some understanding to the situation.

Note that Tina is a victim herself when it comes to cheating as Beyonce’s dad, Matthew, famously impregnated his sidepiece which led to Tina filing for divorce. Both Solange and Beyonce haven’t been close to their father since.

This leads me to believe that Bey is trying too hard to make this marriage work. If he’s cheated on you, don’t put him on a ban with this stupid “no sex, no babies, rule. A cheater will get some no matter how hard you try to stop him.

Life&Style is really doing the most on this Beyonce saga though.

We’re all looking at these Beyonce stories like:

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