Beyonce Pregnant But Still Divorcing Jay-Z: Cheating Affairs Exposed After Elevator Attack!

beyonce divorce jay-z pregnant

beyonce divorce jay-z pregnantBeyonce found out she’s pregnant just weeks after discovering Jay-Z’s cheating past.

The singer who all of a sudden became the tabloids’ obsession, is now supposedly expecting her second child but the timing couldn’t have come at a worse time because she’s uncovered the secret life of her soon-to-be ex-husband.

According to Life & Style, Beyonce is pregnant and she doesn’t know how to deal with the fact that her man is cheating on her — she’s not sure if the affairs are still going on but she has evidence that he’s been sleeping around, and she’s furious.

The singer has been trying to work things out between her and Jay for the past few weeks.

In fact, the whole cheating affair came out just after the Solange video dropped. A lot of tabloids are claiming that the reason behind Solange’s outburst in the elevator was because she saw Jay flirting with Rachel Roy — someone he used to have a fling with.

Nevertheless, Bey tried to move on from that situation until she learned about the handful of women who came forward accusing Jay of trying to bed them, while another actually claimed to have slept with the music mogul.

A source then adds that Yonce actually knew about one affair that Jay had, but it was a long time ago and she forgave him for it. She never talked about it — not even to her family, reason being that she wanted everyone to think that her marriage is squeaky clean and perfect.

Bey has been spending more and more time with Solange as she deals with the fact that she’ll be having another baby with her cheating husband which is now making it harder for her to divorce him.

Sources say that Bey was planning to divorce her beau of over twelve years but now that she’s learned about her pregnancy, she’s stuck and thinks it’s better to hold it out and see where the relationship goes from here as opposed to filing for divorce.

I agree — being pregnant and going through a divorce is stressful, especially when money is involved. Beyonce better figure something out because this is one hot mess right here.

What would you do? Stay with Jay or divorce him?

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