Leonardo DiCaprio Refused Being Filmed For ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ —...

Leonardo DiCaprio Refused Being Filmed For ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ — Not A Fan!


leonardo dicaprio keeping up with the kardashiansLeonardo DiCaprio refused to be filmed for an appearance on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”. Perhaps, he knew he wouldn’t be winning an Oscar for his performance, so why bother?

On June 1st, DiCaprio attended a friend’s birthday party in L.A. Bruce Jenner and his sons Brody and Brandon were also at the party as guests.

Brody Jenner was the DJ for the night. The camera crew for the family’s show were at the party seeing that the Jenners were shooting. The three of them were in the DJ booth for most of the party.

DiCaprio did whatever he could to avoid the camera crew. An insider told US Weekly that DiCaprio was told ahead of time about the camera crew being there, which is why he didn’t show up to the party until filming was done.

“He didn’t want to be filmed for the show, he wouldn’t have wanted to be filmed for anything, but especially not that one”, said the insider.

One of Kim Kardashian’s former BFFs Paris Hilton was also at the birthday party and did not want to be filmed. Ironic seeing that a couple of years ago Kim made a guest appearance on Hilton’s show “The Simple Life”.

Despite having to come late to their friend’s birthday party, it looks like Leonardo and Paris still had fun.



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