Miley Cyrus “Obsessing” Over Liam Hemsworth: Desperate to Win Ex-Boyfriend Back

miley cyrus liam hemsworth back together

Miley Cyrus is still “obsessing” over her ex-boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth.

The ‘We Can’t Stop’ singer can’t get over her former lover despite the fact that they split almost a year ago. According to reports, Miley is still head over heels in love with the actor and is attempting to win him back.

Erm, how is she going to do that when she’s still on her Bangerz world tour?

Sources say that the former Hannah Montana star has missed being around Liam — she misses waking up to him and just seeing him be by her side.

“She constantly talks about Liam whenever she’s hanging out with her friends. They could go to a club together and she would randomly say, ‘This party would be so much more fun if Liam was here,’” a source revealed.

Meanwhile ‘Life & Style‘ goes on to say that Miley is at the stage where she’s willing to do anything to win him back.

Now if you’ve already forgotten, it’s believed that Liam dumped Miley because he wasn’t happy about her “new image” with the whole twerking shenanigans — he didn’t approve of it and the two eventually drifted apart because of it.

Maybe now that Cyrus is nearing the end of her tour she’s starting to realize that after the concerts come to an end, she’ll go back home and notice that there’s no one there. She had been with Liam for almost five years, so it would have to be a huge readjustment when that person suddenly leaves.

The last we heard of Liam Hemsworth, he was rumored to be hooking up with Nina Dobrev — the same girl who is now back with her ex-boyfriend, Ian Somerhalder, who allegedly cheated on her with elderly women which caused their initial break-up!

Ok, now my head hurts!

But seriously, if Miley wants Liam back, she’s got a lot of maturing to do because Liam won’t even consider it if she tries to make an apology while twerking on his car.

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