Beyonce Stunned by Jay-Z Cheating Affair with Rihanna: Bey Finally Learns The Truth — PHOTO

beyonce rihanna jay-z cheat

beyonce rihanna jay-z cheatBeyonce has finally “learned the truth” about Jay-Z’s alleged cheating affairs in light of the Solange elevator fight, reports Life & Style.

The not-so-shocking claim that every media outlet has been running with for the past three weeks is that Beyonce has uncovered Jay’s secret life — the rapper had supposedly flirted with many different women but Bey hit her breaking point at the Met Gala after party.

So we’ve already learned that the whole fight started because of Rachel Roy; a former pal of Jay who allegedly had a short-lived fling with the music mogul in the early years of his career.

Jay, real name Shawn Carter, was said to have been flirting with Rachel at the Met Gala which eventually led to Solange attacking Jay in the elevator for the disrespectful behavior he was showing her sister at the public event.

Nevertheless, since the incident, Beyonce has supposedly learned way more than we know. In fact, the Met Gala fight has brought out all the secrets Jay had been hiding — according to sources, Jay has cheated on the 32-year-old with at least a handful of women. At least!

One could say that the media is overreacting just because of this Met Gala situation, but we told you last year how Beyonce was forcing her man on tour because she heard that while Jay was out in Europe with producer Timbaland, he was hooking up with a blonde female who spilled the beans to the media outlets.

At the time, the ‘Drunk in Love’ singer noticed how Jay would spend more time in the clubs than with her and their daughter Blue Ivy, hence why she dragged him on her ‘Mrs. Carter’ world tour.

Life isn’t as perfect as Beyonce may want to portray it.

Life & Style further adds that there was also a fling going on between Rihanna and Jay, but it’s believed that this happened years ago when Rihanna was still quite fresh on the scene. Nevertheless, he was already in a relationship with Beyonce at the time so it’s still considered as a cheating affair.

Beyonce is digging up the dirt that she supposedly didn’t know about all this time. How she’s getting this info, we don’t know but sources say that the divorce option is still on the table. One insider in particular says that though Bey and Jay fool the world that they are happy and fine, behind closed doors there’s nothing but tension.

beyonce jay-z cheating

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