Beyonce, Jay-Z Bail on Kim Kardashian’s Wedding to Kanye West!

kim kardashian beyonce met galaBeyonce and Jay-Z did not attend Kim Kardashian’s wedding yesterday afternoon in Florence, Italy!

I’m a little disappointed and disgusted by the fact that the power couple didn’t show up to Kimye’s wedding, seeing that they’ve known Kanye for more than ten years AND consider him a close friend of theirs.

Sources said that Beyonce didn’t want to show up because of Kim’s pal, Rachel Roy, who famously caused the fight that happened between Jay-Z and Solange two weeks ago at the Met Gala party.

Bey didn’t want Jay to attend either seeing that Jay allegedly flirted with Rachel at the party which led to Solange bursting out in that elevator. Of course this is all speculation but it would make perfect sense — I’ll attach a video that explains it all below.

So Bey thinks that because she’s got a problem with Rachel she can’t attend her friend’s wedding? That sounds pretty stupid to me, seeing that you’re not going there because of her, you’re going to support your pal.

The 32-year old thought she could make it up to the couple by posting a photo of Kimye and their baby North West on Instagram with the caption: “Wishing you a lifetime of unconditional love.”


Girlfriend hasn’t got anything going on until the summer tour she’s prepping for, and she couldn’t take out one day of her schedule to show these two some love and support?

If you didn’t know: Kanye came to their wedding in New York back in 2008. Jay and Bey also attended the funeral of Kanye’s mom, Donda, after her cosmetic surgery procedure went terribly wrong. That’s how close they are.

Guess it’s a double standard life for the Carter family.

… or maybe Bey didn’t attend because she’s still fighting with Jay-Z? Word is that Beyonce was planning on filing to divorce her hubby of six years.



  1. Nicola Gossips

    May 25, 2014 at 4:00 pm

    They get more press by staying away than going.

  2. twanatells

    May 25, 2014 at 4:39 pm

    I’m so glad this wedding is over

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