Beyonce Shares Photo of Jay Z and Solange Post-Elevator Attack!

solange jay z fight beyonce tinaWhile we’re all over the whole Solange/Jay-Z fight, Beyonce is still caught up with the situation as she tries to subliminally tell fans everything in her family is fine.

The starlet who was caught in the middle of the elevator attack, posted a photo of herself with Jay, her sister and momma Tina Knowles as they dined out in New Orleans where Solange recently relocated to.

What makes this photo interesting is the fact that Tina is there — this, to me, signifies that Beyonce ain’t lying when she says everything’s fine between Solange and Jay.

If you’ve followed Bey’s journey through the years and listened to some of her past interviews where she addresses her mother, the singer admits to having been whooped several times as a youngster for being naughty.

So Tina most definitely wouldn’t just sit back and allow her daughter to lash out at her brother-in-law, let alone another person, like that in public. No matter how old you are, you don’t do that to someone!

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Though we’ll never know what the actual reason behind the fight was, it couldn’t have been that serious seeing that the entire family have patched it up now.

Of course the photo (above) wasn’t the only pic Beyonce posted. She also snapped a few shots of her daughter, Blue Ivy, and another of Solange’s boyfriend Alan Ferguson.

Gurl, what happened to your “we like staying private” life?

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Written by Merema Leures

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