Beyonce Spotted at Kelly Rowland’s Wedding After “Begging For an Invite” —...

Beyonce Spotted at Kelly Rowland’s Wedding After “Begging For an Invite” — PHOTO

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beyonceBeyonce made it to Kelly Rowland’s wedding despite having initially being told Kelly didn’t want her there.

As we reported a few days back, the Destiny’s Child “second lead vocalist” was set to wed her fiance, Tim Witherspoon, this weekend. It’s unclear whether the wedding took place last night or if it’s happening today.

See the photos below:

Either way, Beyonce was not invited because Kelly thought Bey would overshadow the entire party and have all the guests looking at her rather than the bride herself.

It sounds ridiculous, but then when you consider the fact that Kelly wrote and sang a song on how jealous she was when Beyonce was winning while she was in a abusive relationship whilst her career was suffering, it kinda adds up together.

Well, new sources close to the situation have revealed that after begging Kelly to be invited AND having gotten her mother, Tina, involved to try and convince Rowland she should be there, Beyonce was finally granted to the wedding.

“Beyonce was not invited to Kelly’s wedding. He said Beyonce begged and pleaded with Kelly — and even asked her mother, Tina Knowles, to intervene and talk to Kelly on her behalf,” SandraRose reveals.

The report has also been confirmed by Tico Times who state that Beyonce and Michelle Williams are both in Costa Rica, gearing up for Kelly Rowland’s wedding.

“Rowland and Witherspoon seem ready to say “I do” in Costa Rica this weekend, and the rest of the Destiny’s Child crew will be on hand for the ceremony.”

Beyonce posted the photo (below) on her Instagram page to try and squash the reports she wasn’t invited, even though we all know she didn’t make it on the guest list at first and reportedly begged to come along.

I can usually call out a bogus story when I see it, but this seems legit. If I was Kelly, why would I want my super talented friend to come to my wedding? She’d be taking up all the spotlight and on my big day, there should only be one main star and that’s ME!

Update: According to multiple sources, the wedding may have taken place on Friday afternoon. Beyonce jetted back to New York that same day.

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