Kelly Rowland to Marry Fiance, Tim Witherspoon, in Costa Rica This Week:...

Kelly Rowland to Marry Fiance, Tim Witherspoon, in Costa Rica This Week: Beyonce NOT Invited — REPORT

kelly rowland tim witherspoon marry wedding

kelly rowland tim witherspoon marry weddingKelly Rowland is marrying her fiance, Tim Witherspoon, this week in Costa Rica and Beyonce has not been invited to the wedding, it has been revealed.

The former Destiny’s Child starlet has been planning her wedding this upcoming weekend for months now and is excited to be saying “I do” to the “love of her life,” as she recently proclaimed in an interview.

However, close sources reveal that Kelly’s “best friend” Beyonce has not been invited to the bash because Rowland feels that if Bey was to attend the event, she would end up becoming the centre of attention and ruin her big day, SandraRose reports.

“I asked my confidential source if Beyonce’s name was on the wedding guest list, and he said “No.” Kelly has already said she doesn’t want Beyonce upstaging her on her big day (you know how Beyonce is). Kelly said she intentionally kept the guest list very small,” the blogger writes.

Michelle Williams is still expected to attend seeing that she was invited after all, but I’m curious to know how you tell your best friend she can’t come to your wedding in fear she’ll upstage your bash and take all the shine.

I certainly do understand where Kelly is coming from; she wants this moment to be for herself, especially since this is a once in a lifetime thing. You don’t want to have wedding photos as everyone stares at Bey and not you. That’s horrible.

It should be noted that when Beyonce married Jay-Z in New York back in 2008, the ceremony was also rather small but Kelly and Michelle were one of the few friends who actually managed to make the list.

Beyonce, let Kelly have her moment just once, okay?


  1. That’s not Kelly’s personality, she will let other shine before she shines, even on her big day. I don’t believe the story, if Beyonce can’t attend it’s because she’s preparing for tour, or it’s a decoy story so that paparazzi won’t crash.


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