Rita Ora Avoids Eye Contact With Rihanna At MTV Movie Awards — Watch Awkward Clip (VIDEO)

rita ora rihanna shade

rita ora rihanna shadeIs Rita Ora feuding with Rihanna?

Back in 2012, the two shared a photo at a nightclub together, but things have certainly changed in the last two years as far as their “friendship” is concerned.

Rihanna was more and more disturbed by the fact that Rita was slowly morphing herself into a mini version of her — the style and fashion sense started to resemble Rihanna and the music, the lyrics and even the tweets, followed.

At the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday afternoon, Rihanna walked past Rita Ora on the red carpet but it’s not Rih-Rih you should be looking at.

Rita’s facial expression gives it all away. You know when you notice someone you really don’t want to see, so you act like you didn’t notice them and get on with your business? Yeah, that’s the sorta semi-shade Rita threw at Rih that day.

But then again is it really shade when we all know Rihanna doesn’t like the girl? Rita might’ve just saved herself from an awkward moment because had the Bajan beauty made eye contact with Rita, Rihanna would’ve been the one who would’ve thrown some serious shade.

And to back up our point, remember how the 26-year old avoided Rita at a Grammy afterparty earlier this year? Sources said at the time said that Rih didn’t want to be anywhere near her “rival” who has shown clear signs that not only is she obsessed with being like her, her strategies to become the “new” Rihanna are pretty extreme.

“Rita and Rihanna were at the same parties all weekend,” a source said. “Rihanna deliberately kept her distance. She talked with Calvin at length but didn’t acknowledge Rita. It was awkward because they have the same management team and move in exactly the same circles.”

I don’t care what nobody says, the video below of Rita dodging eye contact with Rihanna is all we needed to see to confirm the fact that these two are not on good terms.

Had that been Katy Perry being interviewed, Rihanna would’ve most definitely said “hello” and given her a kiss on the cheek like she did to Rita back in October of 2012, but she’s not happy with how Rita wants to be her so bad.

Bless her soul.

rita ora rihanna kiss

rihanna rita ora copy rihanna rita ora shade

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