Taylor Swift Swarmed By Paparazzi: Apologizes To Fans For Madness In New York — VIDEO

taylor swift swarmed by paparazzi

taylor swift swarmed by paparazziTaylor Swift was spotted out and about in Tribeca, New York yesterday afternoon.

While the singer probably hoped to have a quiet day out shopping, she ended up being bombarded with photographers who were eager to catch a glimpse of the country artist as she walked back to her apartment.

Taylor looked really good — no seriously, she looked really good — as she walked through the streets of New York. She seems to have ditched the teenage look and is dressing more elegantly these days. I’m really liking this look on her.

She also avoided any stupid questions by the paps as she plugged her headphones in her ear to listen to some music until a bunch of onlookers realized Taylor Swift was standing next to them. Tay-Tay went on to apologize for the craziness that was happening around them while her fans started snapping pics of her.

Gotta love her. It wasn’t even her fault and she apologized.

So, if you’re interested to see what Taylor deals with everyday, see the video below. You’d think that photographers would get their photo and leave, but no – they follow you right up to the point where they can’t see you anymore. Cuh-razy.

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