Lamar Odom’s NBA Comeback: Signs New Deal In Spain!

lamar odomLamar Odom is making his NBA comeback in Spain, it has been reported.

Khloe Kardashian’s soon-to-be ex-hubby is said to have traveled out to Spain where he signed a two-month contract with Laboral Kutxa, in hopes to revive his basketball career and get himself back on track.

We told you last year that the Los Angeles Clippers had dropped Lamar Odom from the team following the dozens of scandals that came out, such as the alleged drug addiction, the cheating and of course the filing for divorce on Khloe’s behalf.

There’s no denying that Lamar has had a rough year but the people over in Spain haven’t given up on him.

In fact, they are willing to give him a shot and play for their team throughout the rest of this season and if he proves to be a good team member, his contract will be renewed.

Sources say that the 34-year old has been training like a maniac in recent months.

His split from Khloe really affected him and though it’s unclear whether he’s been off the drugs he’s been surrounded by in the past year, he’s shown a drastic improvement in behavior and in training sessions.

Perhaps moving out to Spain is just what Lamar needs right now?

He’ll be away from anyone he knows and the language barrier will stop him from trying to communicate with drug dealers, so all in all it’s a good move for him, don’t you think?

Perhaps Khloe will come around and change her mind on the divorce, because as far as we know the entire divorce process is still ongoing and hasn’t been settled yet.

Lamar Odom better pull it together if he wants to save his wife… though it seems like she may have already moved on.

Written by Merema Leures

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