Khloe Kardashian Going Bald Amid Rumors She’s Taking Lamar Odom Back —...

Khloe Kardashian Going Bald Amid Rumors She’s Taking Lamar Odom Back — Family Worried!

khloe kardashian bald

khloe kardashian baldKhloe Kardashian’s hair is falling out as she continues to deal with the Lamar Odom divorce.

The reality star filed the papers last month after finally having had enough with her husband’s shenanigans and his choice NOT to get clean for the sake of their marriage.

However, new sources report that Khloe is still in touch with her Lam-Lam, giving people the idea she may try and reconcile with him.

Either way, all this drama hasn’t been doing her any good because her hair has started shedding like crazy, Star magazine reports. Khloe is confused with what she wants; whether to stay with Lamar or dump him for good is still a question she hasn’t got the answer to.

As of right now she’s still looking forward to divorcing him, but now that we know the two are back on speaking terms, her mind can quickly change and she’ll be back in the sticky situation she was in before. The cheating, the drug scandals, the outrageous behavior — is this really what you want to go through again, Khloe?

“Dealing with husband Lamar Odom, who cheated, reportedly abused drugs and finally pushed her to divorce may be taking a physical toll on [Kardashian],” the magazine’s source says. During a recent outing, Khloe “showed visible thinning to her signature chestnut mane in recent photos, leading to speculation that stress is causing her hair to fall out.”

Following the announcement that Khloe Kardashian had filed for divorce from Lamar, she was linked to NFL player Matt Kemp but we’re now told that the romance between the two quickly fell through because the reality star wasn’t ready to move on just yet.



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