Omarosa Slams Bethenny Frankel, Calls Her Mediocre And Says Talk Show Will Get Axed — VIDEO

omarosa bethenny frankel show diss

omarosa bethenny frankel show diss

Omarosa slammed, dissed and humiliated Bethenny Frankel on her own show earlier this week when the two came face-to-face after a three-year long feud.

Back in 2010, you may recall Bethenny appearing on The View saying that she was much more accomplished than Omarosa when one of the hosts compared her to the reality TV star.

Bethenny Frankel at the time said that she was much more successful, she had a real career, her own show, a brand and of course two New-York Times best-sellers. There’s no doubt that Bethenny had accomplished much more than Omarosa at that time, but when the two were reunited during the taping of Bethenny’s show, Omarosa went in.

The Apprentice starlet didn’t waste time asking Bethenny Frankel why she felt it was appropriate to slam her on national television, and why she would say that she has a “real career”, to which Beth responded to by saying she didn’t say those words. She offered $10,000 to prove she said she had a real career.

Come to find out that Bethenny Frankel did in fact say those words, but from this point on things just started to get worse and worse as Omarosa took one shot after the other, calling women of color more hard working while women such as Bethenny are mediocre yet still get rewarded for it.

Omarosa also made fun of the former Real Housewives’ talk show, stating that she’d hope to see the show exist for at least one more year. Ooh, it was so painful to watch because Omarosa has this evil stare to her, and you just know that she means every word she says.

In the first clip, you’ll probably agree with Omarosa and the points she makes but in the second one, you see a much more feisty woman come out of her shell as she takes one dig after the other. Poor Bethenny. 🙁

Written by Merema Leures

Hi, my name is Merema. If learning about pop culture was a degree I could've studied when I decided to take on a three-year course at college, I would've probably had the highest grades in my class. But instead, I settled for a BA in Film and a Master's in Filmmaking.

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