Princess Diana WAS Pregnant At The Time Of Her Death To Dodi...

Princess Diana WAS Pregnant At The Time Of Her Death To Dodi Al Fayed: New Details!


princess diana pregnant death

Princess Diana was carrying boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed‘s child at the time of her death back in 1997.

The story, which has circulated in the media for the past few years, has been brought up again now that new information has come through by the woman who handled Diana’s body following her death.

Dr. Elizabeth Dion confirmed that Diana was indeed pregnant at the time of her death – a fetus was in her womb that looked like it had been developing for the past ten weeks, so she was roughly two months pregnant when she died.

This claim by the doctor was later on backed up by other doctors who were responsible for the autopsy, stating that Diana was 100% pregnant when she was tragically found dead in the car.

As for the assassination rumors, we’ll probably never really know what happened though many insiders and detectives believe that Princess Diana was set up as an unidentified man flashed a bright light into Henri Paul’s (the driver) eyes while driving through the tunnel in Paris.

Do you think the Royal Family knew about this though? At the time of her death, after the autopsy was done, we’re sure that they would’ve told them Princess Diana had been expecting a child, but the thought of it being by a Muslim probably sickened them.

They were already ashamed of the fact that Diana was going against their rules and then all the attention that the separation brought on to the family certainly didn’t make them any happier. Could the Royal Family have instructed officials to keep this hush from the rest of the world? Did Prince William know?

So many questions are running through our heads, but sadly one thing is for sure, Princess Diana’s death was awfully tragic while the assassination rumors aren’t really hard to believe. There could be some truth to it. What do you think?



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