Chris Brown Paid To Meet Up With Drake Before Squashing Their Beef Over Rihanna’s Punanny!

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Chris Brown reportedly paid Birdman thousands of dollars in order to have him set up a collaboration between Breezy and Drake.

Earlier this week, Chris Brown took to his Facebook page where he said that he was back in the studio with Drizzy which shocked quite a lot of people knowing that these two have been enemies since the whole club brawl last year.

But according to MTO, Drake was FORCED to do the collaboration with Chris Brown after his label boss Birdman received a whopping payment from Brown’s team which he couldn’t say no to.

No word on how much money he received, but it was enough for Birdman to make sure Drake recorded a collab with Chris Brown. Insiders say that though the meeting was purely because of business, once the two got in the studio and talked it out, it was all back to normal and there was no bad blood between them.

Let’s not forget that these two were fighting over Rihanna‘s punanny – a really stupid thing to fight over, don’t you think? Their session was great, insiders say, adding that both Drake and Chris seemed in a good place.

Chris also congratulated Drizzy on his success with his new album Nothing Was The Same, selling roughly 650k in its first week.

Also, a video surfaced online last night showing Drake and Chris Brown in the studio together but several reports have said that the video footage is old and dates back to 2010 when the R&B singer was working on his album F.A.M.E.

Overall, it’s good to see that two grown men can put their differences aside though it’s a shady move to do it by paying Birdman to set up a recording session for the two. But whatever, it worked out for the best. Now we just have to wait and see how many records Chris can sell in his first week once his newest album X drops in November.

Written by Merema Leures

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