Kris Jenner Calls Bruce ‘Pathetic’ As She Cheats On Him With Joe Francis!!

kris jenner divorce bruce jenner

Kris Jenner has been cheating on Bruce Jenner throughout the year while partying like crazy with Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis.

The momager who the mag claims is so desperate to try and be 25 again, has not only abandoned her husband Bruce Jenner through his troubling time with his skin cancer scare, but rarely even makes the offer to ask how he’s doing.

Bruce underwent a procedure to avoid getting cancer on his nose to which Star magazine claims Kris Jenner couldn’t care less about. She’s been trying to find a lawyer that can get her the most amount of money once she ditches Bruce for good.

Being around her daughters like Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian 24/7 makes her think she’s the same age as them, even though we all know that isn’t the case.

She’s been on several getaway trips in the last few months with her pals including Joe Francis where she’d get so wasted she wouldn’t even remember what she did the night before.

Star magazine adds that Kris has been sleeping with several men throughout the year while Bruce has been at home completely blindsided by the whole thing.

The most shocking thing of it all was probably when Kris Jenner called her soon-to-be ex one day to tell him what a pathetic loser he was.

Harsh words but we gotta stand by Kris on this for… for all the wrong reasons: Bruce Jenner is staying with a woman that’s not only cheating on him but also plans to finish his money once the divorce is finalized.

He needs to get it together and fight back, starting by packing all of his belongings, moving out and starting fresh again.

If we were to believe this report by Star then Bruce is just crazy to still be living with the most hated Hollywood mom in America. Partying with porno execs, cheating with different men and disrespecting your husband are too many things for any 63-year old to deal with.

Ditch her!!!

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Written by Merema Leures

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