Kendall Jenner Dumps Julian Brooks: Friends Confirm He Cheated On Her!

kendall jenner dumps julian brooks

Kendall Jenner has dumped Julian Brooks after being told by friends that he had been cheating on her in Las Vegas.

According to a new report, Kendall became suspicious when she would send her boyfriend of 12 months text messages which he wouldn’t respond to for days.

She would then try and reach out to him by phoning him up, but Julian – who is currently studying at the University of Nevada – just didn’t show any interest in getting back at her.

Star magazine reports that the 17-year old knew Julian very well seeing that they went to Sierra Canyon School together, so she knows him well enough to realize that ditching her texts and calls isn’t like him.

And on top of this, Kendall has been looking out for Khloe Kardashian ever since her hubby Lamar Odom confessed to cheating when he started ignoring her phone calls too. So, she’s kinda learned how this whole thing works.

Kendall Jenner definitely had every right to believe that Julian Brooks hadn’t been faithful to her, and since he had made no effort to deny these allegations, Kendall became convinced that her assumptions proved her right. A source for Star confirms:

“He would disappear for days and not answer Kendall’s text messages.”

Kendall who also happens to be friends with some of Julian’s pals, asked them if there was any truth to what she suspected was Julian Brooks cheating. RadarOnline adds that without wanting anyone to get hurt, Kendall received the answer she feared the most:

“She promptly dumped him after her friends confirmed her cheating fear, because she couldn’t live with the doubt.”

This is not only sad but shocking since Kendall and Julian have been head over heels in love with each other. Well, if we aren’t mistaking, this is Kendall Jenner’s first real lover.

So for him to treat her badly by cheating on her after she introduced him to her family and trusted him, it’s gotta be a painful thing to go through. Especially when you’re still a teenager who just got her heart broken by her first real love.

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Written by Merema Leures

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