Jennifer Aniston Is NOT Pregnant! Spotted Drinking Wine As She Laughs Off Bogus Report

jennifer aniston pregnant

Jennifer Aniston is NOT pregnant despite US Weekly claiming the complete opposite.

In the latest issue of the mag, it was said that Jen-An has been trying for a baby for over a year now so when she learned the news that she was expecting, she was ecstatic.

The first part of her wanting to start a family with her soon-to-be husband Justin Theroux may be true, but the story about her being pregnant couldn’t be further from the truth. Guess why. Because she’s still drinking alcohol.

Surely, when you’re pregnant you’re not going to go against the number one rule on things you should NOT do, right? Several sources say that during a recent night out, Jen-An couldn’t stay away from the wine bottle.

“She looked really good and didn’t look pregnant. She was with friends. Jen came in the back door with lots of security and bodyguards. Everyone including Jennifer were drinking several glasses of wine.”

So, it’s fair to say that Jennifer isn’t pregnant after all. “Several glasses of wine” suggests that there’s no baby in that stomach of hers.

Jennifer Aniston really seems to be fed up with the pregnant stories in the news, mainly because it has her friends questioning themselves why they haven’t been informed about the wonderful news yet.

Remember how there was meant to be a wedding two months ago but it was cancelled because it was said to have conflicted plans with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt‘s wedding date. Yeah right. Ha!

Clearing up the news, Jennifer said that she tries to stay away from all the tabloid stories, insisting that she has supportive and understanding pals who know what’s true and what’s not because they’re constantly with her:

“I surround myself with my amazing work, my amazing partner, my beautiful dogs, and I tune that noise out.”

Jennifer Aniston will eventually fall pregnant seeing that she’s already gearing up to become a mother but it’ll be in her own time when she’s ready, and if she’s even able to still conceive at her age.

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