Kristen Stewart Dumped By Rupert Sanders Amid Claims She’s Going Bald

kristen stewart crying rupert sanders

Kristen Stewart tried to sleep with Rupert Sanders ago after her relationship to Robert Pattinson ended. Did she have a right to run back to him or should she have stayed away?

Well, Rupert who is no longer with his ex-wife Liberty Ross is said to be single now so he’s able to do whatever he wants to. But there’s just one problem – he no longer has feelings for K-Stew.

Ouch! According to OK! magazine, the two recently met up as they tried to get back to how things were last summer when they were secretly hooking up and making it all a mystery from their partners.

But now that they’ve both lost their other halves, things are kinda different in the sense that their time apart for the last 12 months has drifted them apart to the point that they don’t love each other anymore.

Sources say they remain friends but a relationship can never happen now that they’ve moved on from each other. This has to be the worst cheating scandal ever,- not only did they lose their partners, they also fell out of love with each other.

And while Kristen Stewart claims she’s moved on from Rupert Sanders and R-Patz, another insider recently said that the actress is starting to go bald because she’s constantly thinking about the past relationships:

“Because of the enormous guilt weighing on Kristen’s head, she hasn’t allowed herself the time she needs to let herself heal. Kristen stays super busy to stay in denial. But the problem is, her body isn’t in denial. Kristen’s mental state is being played out on her scalp.”

Well, if this helps the situation, Kristen Stewart you can always come over to our house and you know… we’ll just take it from there. Let us know if you’re available. Haha.

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Written by Merema Leures

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