Lamar Odom Steals Khloe Kardashian’s Jewelry In Exchange For Drugs: Divorce Confirmed!

lamar odom drug divorce khloe kardashian

Lamar Odom stole Khloe Kardashian‘s jewelry after the reality star changed her bank account and kicked the NBA star out of their Calabasas home.

The 29-year old has pretty much given up on the man that she once considered the love of her life. Now, Lamar can be found in downtown Los Angeles trying to get himself on any type of drug he can be possibly get his hands on.

Odom reportedly doesn’t have access to Khloe’s bank account anymore, and yes it’s the same account he used to splash $100,00 on his drug substances! 

As we told you last week, Khloe Kardashian was livid after finding out where all the money had gone; she wasn’t even aware of the fact that her hubby had been taking money out of her account in the first place.

Star magazine adds that when Lamar recently stopped by at their home, Khloe was so furious she didn’t want him in the house, so she walked towards him and demanded him to leave.

Lamar Odom wasn’t going to argue with his soon-to-be ex-wife, he walked back towards the door AFTER grabbing some of Khloe’s expensive jewelry that just so happened to be near a desk close to the front door.

For some reason we find it odd that Lamar Odom is not using his own money to buy his drugs seeing that he’s worth much more than Khloe — $56million to be exact.

The mag adds that the jewelry he managed to get his hands on was later on sold for – you guessed it – cocaine and crack, but a lot of convincing had to be done before the dealer would hand over Lamar’s devil goods.

Odom was so desperate to get himself stocked up for the week that he begged the dealer to take all of Khloe’s expensive designer jewelry.

We’ve been hearing that the couple’s divorce is in the works, yet no word on whether they’re actually going through with it; one day we see Khloe Kardashian wear her wedding ring and the next minute it’s off again.

She’d be stupid to take him back!

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