Carmen Ortega’s Sex Tape With Jason Derulo & Lebron James Leaks! Get Ready For Kim K 2.0

carmen ortega jason derulo sex tape lebron james

Carmen Ortega has reportedly lost her phone where she stored several sex tapes and nude photos of herself with top A-list celebrities such as Lebron James, Reggie Bush and Jason Derulo who she was spotted with just one month ago at a recording studio.

The person who supposedly got their hands on the mobile phone has told several media outlets that he’s willing to sell the explicit pics and the raunchy video if they were willing to pay big bucks.

It’s unclear whether or not anyone would even fork out a lot of money for a chick that nobody knows but one has to keep in mind that she’s slept with several male athletes – if the rumor is true that she slept with Lebron, there’s no doubt that his wedding to Savannah will be called off.

Ortega claims that her phone was allegedly stolen during a recent trip out to Ibiza and now she fears that all of the personal text messages, videos and pics that were on her mobile will get leaked out to the world. In other words, she’s giving the guys a heads up for what’s about to happen.

Last month we told you about Carmen Ortega heading over to Jason Derulo’s recording studio session late at night, and what she was wearing on that particular day definitely didn’t look like she came over to just listen to his new music material; she was dressed to impress him.

People are already calling Carmen the new Kim Kardashian, having followed the same fame route by getting together with several celebrities before having her sex tape “leaked” to the world, and before you know it, she’ll have a reality show and a well-known rapper as her baby daddy. Ha!

As for asking prices, the sex tape has reportedly already been offered to Vivid Entertainment – the home of many celebrity tapes – where the current owner of the phone could see anything between 2-3MILLION!!

And if you’re wondering why it’s so high, you’ve gotta remember that there are several tapes and nude pics of athletes; could you imagine if Carmen Ortega had a tape of all the famous guys she’s slept with? Yikes!!

Kardashian received around $2 million for the lawsuit she filed at the time of her tape’s release, but the profit that Vivid made from it was c-c-c-razy!

What do y’all think? Should Jason, Lebron, Reggie and AfroJack be worried for what Carmen Ortega had on her phone or not?!?

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Written by Merema Leures

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