Hilary Duff Almost Divorced Mike Comrie After Constant Fighting, Therapy Saved Their Marriage

hilary duff mike comrie divorce

Hilary Duff almost ended her three-year marriage to Mike Comrie earlier this year after constant bickering and arguing.

The 25-year old’s marriage to Mike had supposedly started crumbling during the winter holidays last year and in an effort to save themselves from what could have been a nasty divorce, the couple agreed to seek couples therapy.

You’d think that Hilary’s relationship with Mike would be anything but perfect seeing that they’ve always stayed out of the spotlight, they’re very private and whenever we do see them they’re always smiling as they head out to dinner dates.

Not to forget they have a son named Luca together which Hilary Duff says has made her the happiest person in the world. So what could possibly be going wrong in her marriage?

Could it be that she’s spending more time with Luca than with her hubby? That’s quite a frequent thing guys say, right?

Star magazine fails to state the couple’s reasons as to why they were constantly getting at each other, but it was clearly pointed out to the numerous of times the two went to therapy in hopes to save their marriage.

When a younger couple does get married, it’s common for them to feel like they’ve rushed into things and get the impression that they’re missing something in life; in Hilary’s case she may have had to give up nights out with friends while she takes care of her baby and spends most of her time with her hubby.

Either way, the mag claims that throughout winter and up until February both Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie attended sessions so that they could rekindle their love for one another and stop the fighting; it wasn’t good for their relationship and definitely not for the little fella.

Quite shocking to think that Hilary needed therapy to save her marriage, especially since she seems like a woman who wouldn’t get have conflicts with her husband, but then again she’s not perfect – nobody is.

Do you think they’ll be back in therapy or do you believe that they would’ve been able to settle their differences knowing that they’ve only been married for three years and have a child together?

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