Kris Jenner Fears Lamar Odom Will Suffer From Drug Overdose: Plans His Funeral

kris jenner lamar odom drug funeral

Kris Jenner is so worked up about Lamar Odom‘s drug scandal, she’s already said to be planning the NBA star’s FUNERAL!!!

The momager is so worried that Lamar’s addiction will continue to worsen, and since he’s not staying with Khloe Kardashian at their Calabasas mansion everybody is on the edge of wanting to know where Odom could be.

Earlier this week, Lamar Odom was spotted in downtown Los Angeles – the same place where he stayed when he allegedly hooked up with several women – with a couple of friends and as soon as Kris Jenner saw the photos, she panicked. 

Having already seen how painful the separation between Lamar and Khloe was for her daughter, Jenner allegedly mentioned the words ‘planning Lamar’s funeral’ during a family discussion a few days back.

Khloe Kardashian, who has been spending much more time with Kim and Kourt at Kris’ Calabasas home spoke about Lamar and what they could do to help him and before you know it, Kris was sobbing and blabbing about things before going wayyyy over the top.

A source said:

“She was all over the place, talking about how she doesn’t want Khloe to ever get near cocaine before continuing that Lamar’s demons are getting the better of him and she may need to start planning his funeral.”

The source further added that everybody’s mouth dropped when Kris talked about funeral plans before Kourtney intervened by stating that the comment Jenner had made was totally inappropriate at that moment.

Khloe didn’t say a word afterwards, she then reportedly got up from the chair and left the building as Kim ran after her to make sure she was okay.

But in all honesty, though Kris may have overreacted a little, she made a fair point by saying Lamar will die soon if he doesn’t get help. He’s already lost 30lbs in the last few months and now that he’s not staying with Khloe anymore, it’s only going to get worse.

From recent photos that we’ve seen, Lamar looked ill and he was definitely in no position to return to the basketball court with his body frame – he looked incredibly ill.

We hate to say it but Kris Jenner may be right. And since Lamar doesn’t really have a family behind him who could cover the costs, except for his money-hungry father, we’re sure the funeral expenses will be covered by the Kardashians.

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