Angelina Jolie’s Tattoo Stands For ‘Determination’: Is Her Relationship To Brad Pitt Crumbling?

angelina jolie arabic tattoo determination

There’s been a lot of talk about Angelina Jolie‘s new tattoo which she revealed last week.

Everyone were so puzzled as to what it meant, seeing that it was in another language. Several reports state that the tattoo on her right arm stands for determination in arabic, prompting tabloids to believe she’s referring to her romance to Brad Pitt.

It’s been back and forth in the media these past few months when it comes to Brad and Angelina; there was a bogus report on how Angie was sleeping with Brad in Jennifer Aniston‘s favorite hotel suite. Remember?

Or the time that Angelina Jolie had supposedly booked a flight that was going to clash with Jen-An: same day, same airline, same airplane, same destination. Talk about awkward! 

If we were to believe these stories, we’d say the determination tattoo makes perfect sense. She’s trying to stay strong and fight through her relationship problems, and we all know that nobody wants to see another Hollywood couple contemplating on divorcing.

Michael Douglas, Jennifer Garner and Tori Spelling were among the few celebs who had been tied up in several scandals these past few months leading people to believe they were all ending their marriage – Michael’s one is a definite though.

So instead of separating from each other, Angelina Jolie probably saw the tattoo as a way of remembering to not give up on her eight-year relationship to Brad because though they may have their feuds and arguments, a divorce is not one of her options.

Angie is a hardcore tattoo lover, having already inked her body with seventeen other tattoos which she says all have a certain message she stands for, except for the Billy Bob Thornton tattoo which she got removed after the two split.

Angelina Jolie is currently held up Down Under as she starts work on her second directorial film Unbroken. Seeing that she needed some time apart from Brad Pitt, the long distance relationship thing may be good for both of them to be by themselves and eventually realize how lonely they are without each other.

Unless Brad is secretly hooking up with Jennifer Aniston, as one tabloid claimed last month. Let’s hope for the best that it’s not true.

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Written by Merema Leures

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