Michael Douglas’ Divorce To Catherine Zeta Jones Being Stopped By His Dying Father!

michael douglas kirk douglas catherine zeta jones divorce

Now that Michael Douglas and his wife Catherine Zeta Jones are close to filing for divorce, Michael’s father Kirk Douglas has stepped in to try and save the couple’s relationship, stating that their marriage shouldn’t be broken over silly feuds.

We’ve covered a bunch of stories since the two separated; from reports saying Catherine wanted sole custody of the kids, to her accusing Michael of cheating on her which has her thinking she could scoop a lot from his $240 million net worth! Wow.

Kirk has been left so distraught by the couple’s split that he’s doing everything he can to try and get them back together, and he has some pretty good reasons. Michael Douglas’ father hasn’t been too good in the last few years, GLOBE magazine reports.

The mag who refer to Kirk as ‘Michal’s dying father’ say that the 96-year old does not want to hear about any upcoming divorce; he believes that once a marriage has lasted as long as Catherine and Michael’s own, minor problems can be worked out.

The saddest thing about this story is that Kirk thinks once Catherine and Michael finalize their divorce, Catherine has a bigger chance of getting full custody of the children due to the cheating allegations she plans to use against him.

CDL claims that Michael Douglas sees the children as his only reason why he’s still breathing; he feels that Michael’s kids help him keep active so if Catherine Zeta Jones should claim full custody, his chances of seeing them in a constant basis will likely stop.

“Michael is said to be the one bound and determined to divorce but Kirk is afraid that if it comes to that Catherine will move the kids out of the country and those kids are a big part of what keeps Kirk going. Apparently over the course of their marriage Catherine has made it clear that she really would prefer than her son and daughter attend a British school and a divorce paves the way for that to maybe happen.”

Oh god! This sounds like one hell of a icky situation, but then again if a couple no longer have feelings for each other than they should call it quits as opposed to faking something that they both know isn’t where they want to be.

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