Antonio Banderas Divorces Insecure Wife Melanie Griffith, She’s Convinced He’s Cheating

antonio banderas divorce melanie griffith

After seventeen years of marriage, Antonio Banderas and his wife Melanie Griffith have decided to pull the plug on their marriage and file for divorce, reasoning the split due to jealousy and insecurity.

Yes, you read that correctly. There’s been nothing but trouble in the Banderas household for the past couple of years, and though Antonio felt that every problem could be solved in some sort of way, that doesn’t seem to be the case in his relationship. 

CelebDirtyLaundry reports that Melanie has been nothing but moaning at Antonio and how insecure she feels when he’s surrounded by other women, giving her the thought that he could potentially leave her for someone else.

We should mention that Melanie has been in rehab several times throughout their marriage after having battled many addiction problems, as Star magazine confirms. So her crazy, insecure behavior could be heavily influenced by the substance abuse.

Either way, Mario Banderas doesn’t want to be part of it anymore; he’s sick and tired of being told what he can do and what he can not.

Having already put up with nonsense for so many years, the actor feels it’s finally time to end their marriage and have the two go their own ways because he’s no longer going to be accused of cheating and flirting with other women.

It must be hella annoying to wake up and the wife starts questioning you whether you were flirting with this person and that person and this person – ugh, but it’s probably just her addiction problems that’s causing this.

As stated before, rehab has not helped Griffith despite having checked herself into several clinics. And when you still come out of rehab acting all crazy, you know there’s something SERIOUSLY wrong with your a$$. LOL.

Star magazine further adds that Melanie can be a big ol’ diva too, demanding Antonio to do things for her that she could simply do for herself.

Though the mag doesn’t state what kind of things she requests, we can already imagine her telling Antonio to get her a couple of wine bottles. Ha.

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