Mila Kunis Engaged To Ashton Kutcher: Demi Moore Refuses To Finalize The Divorce

mila kunis engagement ring

Mila Kunis could very likely be engaged to Ashton Kutcher after being spotted wearing what seems to be an engagement ring on her wedding finger!

The ever-so-private actress and her beau have been making a lot of headlines in the media in recent weeks over the fact that Ashton was still married to Demi Moore and how he refused to divorce her because he still had feelings for her.

Well, if Mila is wearing an engagement ring in the photo above then we’re more than certain Ashton will end up finalizing his divorce from Demi in the near future.

Mila Kunis was seen out and about in Studio City yesterday afternoon where she was seen carrying a bunch of sunflowers. She was probably trying to hide her face from the photographers so they wouldn’t know it was her. Ha.

Though we never saw these two getting married, they seem to have a lot in common and are head over heels in love with each other. It’s good that they are both private people who keep their relationship away from their Hollywood’s drama.

What makes us even more convinced that Mila Kunis was wearing an engagement ring is that she’s not one of those girls who would try and put attention on herself for no reason; if it wasn’t an engagement ring, she wouldn’t have placed it on her wedding finger.

Anyway, though these two have yet to confirm it, congratulations.

Somewhere out there, Demi Moore is suffering another breakdown over the news. PAHAHAHAHAH!

No, but seriously – it’s going to be tough trying to get that one to cooperate knowing that she had been obsessed with Ashton ever since they split up. And do note that she was the one who wanted him out of their house when he cheated on her a couple of years back. Oh dear.

Why won’t the old chick just let the man live and move on with his life? Though we don’t condone his cheating, it was bound to happen anyway – especially with their 15-year age difference.

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Written by Merema Leures

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