Kris Jenner Hated By Her Talk-Show Crew Who Say She Was Drunk Every Episode!!


Working with Kris Jenner was hell, the former talk-show host’s TV crew have explained in the latest issue of Star magazine.

Kris, who was given a six-week trial run for her own self-titled show, reportedly got the call from FOX that they would not be renewing her program due to the awful ratings.

And now that the show is over, her former TV crew are bashing the momager from all sides by publicly stating how cruel she was to them when she would arrive on set extremely drunk. 

Jenner would allegedly start demanding her crew to do things for her that were not in their job description. When she would show up to work with an empty bottle of wine, she would demand the make-up team to make her look gorgeous and as if she was completely sober when that was never the case.

She also refused to give her team goody bags to take home seeing that she would give her audience members chocolates and other cool items; Kris told the crew that the leftover bags would be taken back to her home for her family.

A member told Star:

“We could not wait for the end of the show’s six-week trial period. Working with Kris was absolutely unbearable. She would show up on set hung over and demand her beauty team to fix her up and make her look stunning.


Kris would give goody bags to the audience, but instead of giving the crew some too, which is typical, she insisted that she take them home to her family. Talk about tacky!


And at the wrap party, Kris gifted the crew with fleece blankets that looked like they came directly off an American Airlines plane — they didn’t even have the show’s logo embroidered on them!”

We also heard that Kris Jenner turned to alcohol when she found out her show had been canceled, she was so upset because the six-week trial was one of her best experiences of her life, but now she’ll be back to momaging her kids’ careers.

Kris, cheer up! You’re still making 10%.

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Written by Merema Leures

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