Lamar Odom Arrested For DUI: Possible Drug Substances In His System!

lamar odom dui arrested

Lamar Odom was arrested earlier this morning for DUI, according to a new report. The drug-addict husband of Khloe Kardashian was arrested around 3:30AM and was booked at around 4AM before he was granted $15,000 bail, according to E! Online.

It just seems like one scandal after another; the cheating, the drugs, the family drama, the alleged divorce that Khloe is filing – it’s all just becoming too much for the 33-year old, though he was behind pretty much all of the scandals.

But let’s just act like we feel bad for Lamar Odom and that it wasn’t his fault. Well, having paid the whopping sum to be released from jail we’re certain that his encounter with Khloe as he returned home was anything but pleasant.

It’s really sad to think that Khloe Kardashian has to put up with all of this nonsense, especially the whole cheating thing that tends to disgust us the most. One report claimed that Lamar could’ve potentially given the 29-year old an STD with all the sexual encounters he had during the couple’s marriage whilst still sleeping with Khloe. Yuck!

The fact that she puts on a brave face and STILL took him back shows you what kind of a woman she is; she’s willing to put the ish beside and hope that their marriage can still be saved though we doubt that’s actually going to happen. Give it another two weeks and BOOM!

Back to Lamar Odom’s arrest, so far the police have not released whether or not it was just alcohol that was in Odom’s system at the time but seeing all the drug addiction headlines that have been popping up in recent days we’d say it’s very likely that he had snotted cocaine up his nose and accidentally forgot to wipe his nose afterwards. Dead giveaway, right?

Oh Khloe, this is why you wait a couple of months before you get married to someone, not a month!

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Written by Merema Leures

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