Ian Somerhalder Still Heartbroken Over Nina Dobrev In Vampire Diaries Promo Shots — PHOTO

ian somerhalder breakup nina dobrev

Ian Somerhalder‘s heartbreak over his break-up from Nina Dobrev is starting to be played out in the Vampire Diaries, and we’re not exactly surprised about it either.

The split between the couple caused a lot of media attention and knowing that the forthcoming season is only weeks away from airing, the producers probably felt it was only fair to gain some good ol’ publicity from it by making it seem like Ian is distraught in promotional pictures.

If you’re a fan of the show, you’d know that Ian hasn’t really got anything to be upset about, he’s won Elena while his brother who is locked in a cage underwater — what in the bloody world does Damon have to be upset about?

This gives us the idea that execs – especially Julie Plec – and producers put their brains to use and figured that the only way they are going to break ratings with the upcoming series is if they start advertising the show as if the break-up is going to have some kind of affect in the program.

Fans did think that shooting scenes with the two of them in the same room together could get really awkward but it was far from it. Nina remained very professional throughout her scenes while Ian Somerhalder kept it cool by even trying to talk to Dobrev as if nothing had happened.

From the promotional picture above, we also sense that that Ian and Nina are going to split up, an intentional move clearly done because of their real-life break-up.

And then we assume they’re going to have it played out like Elena dumps Damon because he cheated on her and she can’t forgive him so she runs back to Stefan. the CW need to hire us because we’re too smart! Ha.

We don’t actually know if things are going to be played out like that but the promos are just giving us this feeling that they’re going to make this season very much about Ian, Nina and how they’ll eventually split up as she runs back to Stefan, don’t you think?

The first episode airs early October and Julie has already teased fans that both Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev will be having some steamy sex scenes in the very first episode – how ironic that the couple who recently split are now being told to sleep with each other.

Trust us when we tell you that the Vampire Diaries producers know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to Ian Somerhalder’s romance to Nina on-screen and off-screen.

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Written by Merema Leures

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