Chris Brown Refuses To Answer Questions On The TODAY Show, But Wants You To Go Buy His Album

chris brown today show shuts down interview

Watching Chris Brown on the TODAY show almost broke our hearts for all the wrong reasons. We’ve been waiting for Chris’ new album X for quite some time now but it kept getting pushed back because the record label felt the time frame wasn’t right.

Whatever the situation might have been in regard to the delay of the album, Chris Brown has put the drama with the label to one side so that he can focus all of his attention to promote the record, and today was his first morning appearance. Sadly, it couldn’t have gone any worse… well, at least when it came to the interview.

A very fragile looking Chris Brown geared himself up for the questions he was about to be asked by Matt Lauer and Tamron Hall, and though he told them beforehand that he only wanted to be asked about things related to his music, the two correspondents really didn’t give a f**k when they were live on air.

Tamron started off by saying how amazing Chris Brown’s fans are, which is what everybody does before they dive into some deep questions. She quickly changed topics to Brown’s recent seizure, to which Brown replied to by saying he was fine.

Then Matt Lauer felt the need to focus on anything but music when he started talking about Chris’ recent rant on his Twitter page in which he tweeted about the judge being racist for giving him 1000 community service hours and how rappers were wack for becoming to political in the music industry.

Here’s what happened:

On His Seizure

I’m good, I’m good, just needed the rest, that’s it.


On His Recent Negative Tweets
Chris: “Uh, that’s not my music.”


Matt: “What? That’s not the music. You’re struggling with two different worlds?”


Tamron: You’re lovin’ your fans? I’ve heard you’re leaving the business… Is that rumor or fact?


Chris: It’s about the music right now. I’ll continue to work for my fans.


Tamron: What’s in that heart now that’s pushing the music?


Chris: Just my God-given talent. And my fans, you know, all the fans make me who I am, so all the music is for them.


On if he’s really retiring
No, I’m just putting out the music right now.  I’m going to continue to work for my fans.

If you thought reading this interview was bad, y’all gotta see the video footage. We had to close our eyes at some points because it was just so awkward, especially when Matt asked Chris to repeat himself when the singer said the question that was asked wasn’t related to his music.

In other news, we don’t see the album selling like crazy. As Chris Brown’s last effort with Fortune still awaits to hit the 1 million platinum sales mark from two years ago, X will be no different.

But that’s purely down to the crap label that Chris is signed with. The album is only days away from its worldwide release and so far it’s been pretty damn quiet – we’ve not seen one actual promotional ad for this album. So sad, but we’ll still buy it!

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