Liam Hemsworth Ends Engagement To Miley Cyrus Post VMAs Performance, Says She’s ‘A Whole New Person’

liam hemsworth miley cyrus split engagement

Miley Cyrus isn’t catching a break from her scandalous Video Music Awards performance as it’s now being reported that Liam Hemsworth was so disgusted when he watched it, that he’s once again called off their engagement.

The two got engaged last year May, but there’s been several problems in their relationship since then but her raunchy outfit, her grinding on Robin Thicke and twerking on stage in front of young children has really made Liam see how little she cares about him.

Hemsworth never approved of this new Miley image that the singer is going for; he thinks it’s desperate and embarrassing not only to herself but to the people that she surrounds herself with such as family, friends and of course Liam.

One of the main reasons the couple have not been spotted out in public a lot is merely down to Cyrus and how she feels she can do, wear, sing and act in a way that she feels describes her character best, and if the way she’s currently behaving is her true self then Liam Hemsworth doesn’t want anything to do with her.

A close source to the two explained:

“Liam is so puzzled. He loves Miley but she’s making it hard for him to look at her as his future wife with her embarrassing performances that’s not only making him cringe, but the entire world. He has told her the engagement is off for the time being until Miley figures out who she wants to be in life. She’s not a teenager anymore, and she needs to know that.”

So true… sort of. We’re not really as upset about the way she’s been acting in recent months as everyone else is, but of course if that was our fiancee grinding and shaking her bum in between Robin’s willy wonka, we’d be concerned too.

But we’ve said last year, and we’ll say it again – this relationship was never going to work out to begin with. They’ve broken up so many times now that no one can take their engagement seriously anymore. Do you?

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Written by Merema Leures

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