Lamar Odom’s Drug Addiction: Gets Into A Car Crash As Khloe Puts Her Wedding Ring Back On!

lamar odom car crash

Lamar Odom‘s problems continue to worsen after reportedly getting caught up in a crash accident earlier this week following reports he has been struggling with a drug addiction for two years.

The NBA player, who vanished (then resurfaced) two days ago, got into an accident with his $220,000 car – but how it happened remains unknown, but looking at the photos, the damages don’t seem to show signs that it was because he crashed into another vehicle.

If you look closely, you can see the damages on his car are just above the headlights, giving us the impression that though it’s believed he had a car crash, we think he may have purposely bashed his car with something in anger over the scandal.

Lamar Odom’s car was last night taken to a mechanic as his assistant drove through the streets of Calabasas with it, while Khloe was out hiking, totally covering herself with a hoodie and a pair of shades.

This time, however, she decided to put her wedding ring back on but that doesn’t mean that the two have worked out their problems and that they’re back together, in fact it’s far from that.

As we’ve already established, Khloe has kicked Lamar Odom out of their house at least two times, she wants him to seek help in rehab but he’s not cooperating and the entire Kardashian family believe that the reality star is now suffering from depression because she doesn’t know what to do.

While Khloe has already separated herself from her husband, Lamar is eager to get back into the home he shares with Kardashian but under his terms – something that Khloe is not going to agree with.

We’re told that the 29-year old socialite is worried her marriage is not repairable and fears she may soon have to file for divorce, seeing that her husband doesn’t want any help and she’s not willing to share a home with a drug addict any longer.

She’s known about it for two years!! So, can we really blame her for being so depressed and angry about the whole situation? Absolutely not.

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lamar odom car crash

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