Ashton Kutcher Refuses To Finalize Demi Moore Divorce As Mila Kunis Asks For Children!

mila kunis ashton kutcher split baby

Mila Kunis is convinced that Ashton Kutcher will not finalize his divorce to Demi Moore because he still loves her and will eventually, the two will get back together.

Mila has been dating Ashton for just under two years and throughout this time, the actor has not made any efforts in finally getting his divorce from Demi.

At one point, it was said that because Moore was asking for money from Ashton that he didn’t want to give her to finalize the divorce, Kutcher decided to put the whole process on hold until he figures out a way to ditch Demi without paying her a cent.

But that’s not true. He still has feelings for his estranged wife and Mila Kunis knows this.

She feels like her romance with the Two and a Half Men star isn’t genuine; at first everything was cool and going smooth, but Ashton is starting to show signs he wants Demi back.

The National Enquirer reports that Mila’s suspicious about the whole divorce being dragged out longer than when it was supposed to have been settled; Demi and her toyboy split in November 2011, months later they both had a new partner yet they’re still married.

On top of this, marriage and having kids has been talked about A LOT between the two. Mila Kunis tells her boyfriend that she wants to start welcoming kids into the world now that she’s 30-years old, and hopefully a wedding in the near future too.

But what does Ashton say? He’s not ready yet. WTF. Clearly he’s isn’t into the relationship as much as Mila.

She’s pouring her heart out to this guy, wants to marry and have kids with him and all he does is push her away, refuse to finalize the divorce and just drags her along like a puppy so when the time is right, he can run back to Demi and leave Mila hanging.

You gotta feel sorry for the girl. She’s been working hard on recent movie projects and now that she has some time off from a less busy schedule, she’s getting blown off by her beau who is showing the whole world what a complete douchebag he really is.

Will this relationship work out for another year? HELLLLLL NO.

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Written by Merema Leures

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