Scooter Braun Lands American Idol Judging Role, All Thanks To Diva Jennifer Lopez!

scooter braun manager american idol

Scooter Braun is in talks to join American Idol as a judge thanks to the help of his good friend Jennifer Lopez.

The singer who has set to make the announcement that she’ll return to the talent show this year, has pushed producers to hire Scooter on for the judging role because she think she’s not only entertaining, but has launched some of the biggest careers.

She certainly makes a good point there – Scooter Braun is responsible for the success of The Wanted, Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen and he’s managing one-hit worldwide wonder Psy.

According to sources close to the production, none of the producers had ever even considered Scooter for the role, simply because they didn’t know much about him and wouldn’t have thought he’d be interested but now that J-Lo has brought this to their attention, they want him.

But can they get him? Maybe. Braun is supposedly in talks with the American Idol execs to come to some kind of deal that will work out his hectic schedule with managing all of his artists, oh – and he’s already said he won’t sign up if they’re going to pay him a crap price like Keith Urban‘s measly $1 million contract.

Now we see why Jennifer gets along with Scooter Braun so well,- they’re both big, fat divas! LOL.

Good for him though. He’s proven to be successful with his artists and works hard, so why shouldn’t he demand more? Whether he gets it or not is still unclear but he’s already in talks and if execs are going to give him a good deal, then he’ll sign on.

Our verdict: He’ll sign on, but the producers will make him bring Justin Bieber to a couple of tapings so that he can help boost the ratings after last season’s disaster – it’s viewership went from 24 million to 12 million.

Let’s hope Scooter Braun is the right decision for this judging role.

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Written by Merema Leures

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