Zayn Malik Engaged To Perrie Edwards To Stop Her From Thinking He’s Still Cheating!!

zayn malik perrie edwards engaged marry

Zayn Malik has officially put a ring on that woman’s finger… what’s her name again? Ah yes, Perrie Edwards from the band Big Mix we believe (sarcasm at its finest).

Earlier today, a report stated that the two had gotten engaged on Sunday but since there was little evidence to the story, we all doubted it until Zayn decided to break a lot of hearts and confirm that it was true. Not ours… the directioners!

Perrie’s mother couldn’t keep her mouth shut, because just like all mothers that are very talk-active, Deborah spilled all the details on how the engagement went down!!

You gotta read this romantic proposal that Zayn planned for Perrie. It’ll melt your heart:

“Yes, it’s true. They got engaged on Sunday and it’s absolutely lovely. It’s wonderful because Zayn is absolutely gorgeous and Perrie loves him to pieces. It’s just perfect and they get on so well together. It’s just fabulous.”

Okay, not as romantic as we thought but hey – the ring was probably worth half a million, so that’s good enough in our books.

It almost sounds like Deborah is in love with Zayn more than Perrie is which worries us a little but before you guys start telling us that we’re starting drama, we’re just going to drop it and watch it unfold ourselves in months to come. You mark our words!

Overall, we’re happy for these two. They are so adorable together, you just want to squeeze their cheeks really hard until they embarrassingly say, ‘Stop it, you’re embarrassing me’. Oh… are we the only ones who wanted to do that? Oh okay – just us then.

We’re also proud of Perrie for the fact that she managed to see beyond the fact that Zayn Malik cheated on her with a trashy woman earlier this year. The fact that she can overlook this without thinking to herself whether the other woman was better in bed than she is reasoning for his cheating, is pretty amazing.

… but clearly the other chick wasn’t that good because Zayn decided to put a ring on Perrie’s finger instead. OR MAYBE… it’s a publicity stunt to get Big Mix – we mean Little Mix – a little more famous around the world.

Y’all let us know what y’all make of this, because though we’re happy for these two, we don’t want to see this Perrie chick get her heart broken in One Direction again. Hahahahah – do you get it? One… Direction? Oh, never mind.

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Written by Merema Leures

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