Rihanna Goes Deep Throat With Asap Rocky — Cancels Flight To See Chris Brown Post Seizure

rihanna asap rocky

Rihanna is making moves at Asap Rocky, giving Chris Brown less chances on ever reconciling with his longtime on-again, off-again girlfriend.

RiRi’s hot pocket now belongs to the rapper, after having previously been owned to Chris, Drake, Meek Mill, Matt Kemp, J. Cole and allegedly even Jay-Z (how do you think she got her record deal?).

But we all knew these two were going to get it on sooner than later seeing that reports had been swirling around since February.

Several outlets had said at the time that Asap and Rihanna were getting cozy ever since they first met last year; she invited him to perform with her at last year’s Video Music Awards and that led to him becoming the opening act of her Diamonds tour. And now – they’re smashing.

We don’t blame Rihanna though; she’s been working her butt off in recent weeks with the tour and another album. Then there was the whole Chris Brown split,- at the end of the day, she’s just human and needs to get some.

But why can’t it be someone that’s not famous and black? Y’all never catch Rihanna out with a white guy or even admit to having slept with one – anybody want to enlighten us and tell us why? Ohhh, because — never mind. Ha.

Rihanna was supposed to be flying to Los Angeles to be with Chris Brown following his seizures last week, but after she found out Karrueche Tran had been taking care of him – in more ways than one – the singer canceled her flight and decided to fly out to New York to shoot her new music video a little early instead.

Chris sometimes makes it seem like he still has feelings for Rihanna by tweeting about her on Twitter, and then the next minute he leaves her hanging which prompts her to get that lovin’ somewhere else. You can’t blame the girl, right?

The photo above is one from dozens; others were a bit more touchy-touchy while one particular photo showed the two kissing,- and this was NOT while cameras were rolling. Their kiss happened during a short break. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that they’re an item.

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Written by Merema Leures

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