Mariah Carey Announces Departure From American Idol: Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban To Follow Shortly

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Mariah Carey has announced she will not return for another season on American Idol after her PR firm released a short statement via Twitter confirming the singer’s departure from the talent show.

Mariah, who has been bickering alongside Nicki Minaj on the panel throughout the series, seems to have grown tired of the show, and though she’s only been on for one season, a diva knows when it’s her time to go.

Carey made a whopping $18million for just one season alone!

But money isn’t everything, right? Well, we kinda saw this coming though, having already seen reports flying around that the entire panel was facing the axe due to extremely poor ratings in history — whilst a lot of people blamed Nicki for it, Carey wasn’t bringing much to the table either.

Her rep confirmed:

But! It’s not all bad news – as the tweet states – Mariah is in early stages of preparing her stage for the world tour she is about to embark with the success of her latest single, Beautiful. So, it’s almost a bittersweet moment, but you know what – we’d rather see Mariah on tour than sit on a judging panel for most hours of the day. She’s above that standard!

As for Minaj, the rapper has already hinted that she’s not coming back as she’s gearing up to start writing songs for her third album along with several movie roles she has lined up – or perhaps she got fired, we don’t know as of yet but it’s 100% certain she’s not back for the next series, while Keith Urban also won’t be asked to return.

Keith was like a ghost on that panel, we’d constantly forget he was even there. The chemistry between them all, including Randy – who announced his departure last month – was very odd, and when the whole feuding between Nicki and Mariah took place, the show was set for disaster!

So – four new judges, by the looks of it! Are you happy that the entire panel is gone or will you miss certain people?!

Written by Merema Leures

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