Fan Slaps Beyonce’s Butt, Yet She Seemed Far From Amused, Kicks Him...

Fan Slaps Beyonce’s Butt, Yet She Seemed Far From Amused, Kicks Him Out The Venue — VIDEO


beyonce angry

Beyonce has been touring the world for the last couple of weeks for her Mrs Carter Show – and it’s no secret that she loves to get in the crowd and let her fans be part of her performances, yet when one guy decided to smack her on them cakes, the 31-year old had her security guards escort him out the sold-out venue.

Bey was getting to the end of her song, Irreplaceable which she performed in Copenhagen, when she made her way over to her fans in the first row — those tickets are certainly not cheap. LOLz. Anyway, the unnamed guy was then offered the chance to sing a little as Beyonce held the microphone to his mouth…

… but no one expected him to slap her butt just seconds later. And not that hard either! Ha! After watching the video a couple of times, we’re convinced he used all his force to slap Bey’s bootylicious behind, and we all know that her booty should only be touched by one man… and that’s her husband, Jay-Z.

After Beyonce had her butt slapped, her inner Sacha Fierce came out as she turned back to the guy to let him know that she doesn’t appreciate that ish:

“I will have you escorted out right now, alright?”

Ha! A very classy move, indeed, but we kinda think she overreacted a little. It’s not like he made her fall on her butt cheeks; he just slapped her bum! Besides, those tickets for front row seats can cost anywhere between $150 to $300, so he kinda had to put that hard-earned money to good use. Hehe!!



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