Zayn Malik Says He’s Ready To Marry Perrie Edwards — Sets Engagement Date For Summer

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Zayn Malik wants to make it up to Perrie Edwards after he cheated on her with some random woman that could have had and STD but luckily didn’t. LOLz!

The One Direction member is currently on tour with his boy band, but has vowed to put a ring on his girlfriend’s finger – they have been dating for two years and Malik can’t imagine himself living with anyone else other than Perrie.

The two of them have been busy doing their own thing as Edwards is currently promoting her group, Little Mix, in the States while 1D are on their world tour. However, both of them plan to take some time off over the summer as Zayn plans to pop the question before they head on out on a nice vacation.

What’s odd is that Zayn is not keeping it a secret, he has already told Perrie he wants to marry her, and now it’s just a matter of time before he makes it official. Let’s not forget that Malik is only 20-years old,- but seeing that he can just about handle the fame he has been getting ever since One Direction blew up, we’re sure he can handle marriage.

But can he handle keeping his schlong in his pants?! Let’s be honest; someone who cheats once is likely going to do it again and again — but if Perrie is one of those girls who is happy with a secret open relationship, then go for it!!

A source tells Reveal:

“Zayn’s ready to settle down and take the next step with Perrie. They’ve been discussing getting engaged with family and friends and everyone thinks it’s a great idea. Zayn’s deadly serious about it and it looks like he could propose at any time. After the scandal Perrie wanted a trial period to see if they could get through it. It worked and they’ve ended up growing even closer. Perrie says they could be engaged as early as the summer and that they’d have a big wedding for all their friends – including loads of celebrity pals.”

Marriage… at twenty? There’s no doubt in our minds that these two are head over heels for each other but with their busy schedules? Hm – well, let’s see if he actually ends up putting a ring on it first before we start making assumptions, right?

Written by Merema Leures

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