Is Jaden Smith A Bad Boy In The Making? Star Threatens Fan...

Is Jaden Smith A Bad Boy In The Making? Star Threatens Fan On Instagram But Says It Wasn’t Him


Jaden Smith Denies Threatening a Fan

Nooo! We really hoped that Jaden Smith wasn’t going to become a douchebag and act like his existence was more important than anybody else’s but it looks like it has come to that. The rapper/actor had supposedly sent threatening messages to a fan after she ridiculed his fanbase called the MSFTS on instagram, which resulted in the star lashing back at the girl with some very mean words.

Jaden supposedly wrote that the girl needed to get her life together and stop hiding behind her Android mobile phone before making the comments she did. He goes on to say that the whole sea lives in her genitals and that she needed to get her hair sorted out. Wow! This clearly couldn’t be the Jaden we knew and adored so much, could it? Well Smith’s team weren’t wasting any time to deny these allegations.

Jaden Smith Instagram

Jaden’s rep tells the media that the account was a fake account, which can easily be seen as Jaden’s instagram account has a capital letter in it as opposed to having all small letters. Smith has a lower-case “l” instead of an “i” in the username “letsmakeitdotorg,” the representative explained, before reassuring people that Jaden had absolutely no part in this whatsoever.

Meanwhile, Jaden took to his official Twitter page to set the record straight:

“I Would Never Say Anything Like That To Anyone Let Alone A Women I Stand For My Republic Msfts [his fanbase] Over All.”

Phew, thank goodness! We were this close to calling it quits on being a MSFTS supporter.



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