Wiz Khalifa Can’t Wait To Marry His Gold-Digging Girlfriend, Reveals Upcoming Wedding...

Wiz Khalifa Can’t Wait To Marry His Gold-Digging Girlfriend, Reveals Upcoming Wedding Plans


Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa VMAs

Somewhere in the Bible, it says ‘though shall not marry hoes’. Correct us if we’re wrong. Wiz Khalifa and his mistress Amber Rose are having a child, we have already established that, and you know, we’re cool with it. Why shouldn’t this skinny fella have a kid, we all need to have at least one child to have our legacy grow on forever, right? But when you make the move to marry the mistress, you just asking for trouble. Wiz has made the move to get hitched to Amber, who has smashed Kanye West and Reggie Bush — the only two that have been confirmed by sources so far.

The two announced in September they were having a kid and felt that marriage was the next step. That just goes to show how high this fella must have been, because it’s usually marriage before kids. Anyway, Khalifa is ready to become a man and focus on what’s most important… being a father to his child and taking care of his soon-to-be wife. He explained on the future wedding: “We’re going to get, like, licensed marriage – yeah, like in a couple of weeks we’ll have that done,” he said. “You just sign the papers or whatever and it’s like a legal thing – it’s like, ‘Bam, you’re married’.”

He added they would celebrate the nuptials when Amber has popped the baby out: “When you have the ceremony, that’s when you invite the family, [Rose] could fit into a dress, and then like, you know, nieces, nephews. If we have a daughter one day she might want to give the dress to her daughter, but if she’s pregnant she can’t do that… [And Rose] wants to get drunk, you know what I mean?”

Good luck Wiz, but don’t say we didn’t warn you!



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