Rihanna Doesn’t Want To Leave Chris Brown, Tweets Pic Of The Two...

Rihanna Doesn’t Want To Leave Chris Brown, Tweets Pic Of The Two Together


Rihanna and Chris Brown Instagram

Rihanna has pretty much been milking this “secret romance” she has with Chris Brown for a couple of months now and we’re getting sick of it. The singer supposedly wants to keep quiet about her and Chris getting back together but she isn’t exactly doing the best job at it, considering that she constantly posts pictures of him on her instagram page. Rihanna musta been that one person who always sucks at playing any game — she was the one who no one wanted to play with because she didn’t understand the game.

Anyway, Rih-Rih and Breezy are pretty much back together in case this picture doesn’t prove it: Rihanna’s cakes are on show, Brown is bending his head over so people can assume it’s him, while Rih bends over for a big fat hug with the caption: “f**kyopictures i dont wanna leave!!!” she wrote alongside the image. “Killed it tonight baby!!!”

Along the pictures she uploads with herself and Chris, she’s also collaborated with Breezy on the track Nobody’s Business, which is featured on her new album Unapologetic. I mean, I mean, I mean,- we’re lost for words. Yeah, this record might have sold 250,000 in its first week, but just watch how bad her next album will flop if she doesn’t stop this stupidness! Get your act together Rihanna, he will beat cho ass again!



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